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Invest and Grow Your Wealth theHalal Way

How it works

Invest and Earn

We jointly contribute to buy charcoal and agric produce such as sesame seed, cocoa, tiger nut, ginger, kola nut, bitter kola from Nigeria and export to United Arab Emirate (UAE), Europe to make profit and share net profit made evenly among members based on their investment.

Set aside 5k for Registration & start contributing at least 10k and you will earn -/+20% of your savings every 4 months as profit is been made.

I developed a great partnership with Enricher Cooperative and their experience in agro-commodity export business is amazing. I was particularly impressed by how much I earned at the second quarter of 2018 after I invested #20,000 in the first quarter. If you are looking for a way to invest and earn a passive income, join Enricher.
Olufunke Thomas
What they've said about us

Enricher Cooperative is a cooperative society that is focused on export business with proven record of success.

We export hard wood charcoal and other agric produce like; Sesame seed, Cocoa, Tiger nut, Ginger, Kola nut, Bitter kola. We export from Nigeria to United Arab Emirate (UAE) and Europe.

Invest and Grow Your Wealth theHalal Way



Enricher cooperative agro commodities

Enricher Cooperative Society Limited export agro-commodities out of Nigeria. We serve as middle-men between farmers and foreign buyers, and boast of years of experience in agro allieds industry, cross border trade and international business.

Enricher Agric

Have you been thinking about how to benefit from the President Buhari’s Agric Opportunities but lack the know how?

Land is a challenge?

Or Fund is your challenge?

Enricher Cooperative Society is a beneficiary of NIRSAL anchor borrower program.

It’s high time you joined Enricher Cooperative Society.

We help you secure land, fund and even market for your product. What more can you ask for?

Register with us and indicate your interest in Agric.


Enricher housing

Members of ENricher Cooperative Society and the public now have the opportunity to own a 2, 3 bedroom flat near School of Health Kwali, FCT Abuja.

Pay 2m in installments, collect your key while the balance is funded by Federal Government housing loan for you to pay back in years while already living in or rented to students community and earning big.


Invest and Grow Your Wealth theHalal Way


ABOUT The President

shakirat O. Animashaun


Shakirat O. Animashaun is the President, Enricher Cooperative Society LTD, she hold Msc(Ed) Economics, PhD (in view). She is a leader of women, and an entrepreneur per excellence. A Goldman Sachs scholar, product of EDC, Pan Atlantic University on Entrepreneurship Management. An Oracle 10g Certified Professional. The Director at Flyingdove Polytechnic & Institute, Abuja, Flyingdove Consult Nig Ltd, Voyage International School, Abuja, Olivefield Schools Gwarinpa-Abuja, Proposed Treasure University and Almughniy FZE United Arab Emirate.

Who We Are

The first in export business

Enricher Cooperative Society LTD is a cooperative society that is focused on export business with proven record of success. We operate with Islamic principles and our membership is open to everyone interested in growing their wealth the halaal way.


Looking To Invest and Grow Your Wealth theHalal Way?